What Fan Stories Provides

A platform to publish and get to revenue, really quickly.

Fan Stories provides beautiful Web presence for your content in the form of automagically generated websites that load instantaneously. All content hosted is owned by you unlike your content on social media platforms.

Ability to monetize content with Subscriptions and ads.

Fan Stories monetizes your content with subscriptions or ads.

A Platform built to drive media revenue.

Fan Stories is built ground up by addressing the problems that content creators and media platforms have. Fan stories powers subscriptions so that your users can subscribe to the content you post.

Large content creators are also provided with video ad serving platform, and this provides the highest amount of monetization that ads can provide.

Case studies

“We're new to technology and built a social-powered media platform in a couple of minutes. Fantastic features, and would definitely recommend.”

“The Live Streaming to Blog feature of Fan Stories together with subscriptions are the features we're looking forward to, to save ourselves getting killed with low ad revenue.”

Monetize your content with Fan Stories

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