Fan Stories supports a pleathora of features that help content owners make money

Powerful editor to author and post content

Fan stories supports a really powerful freeform editor that allows content creators to compose beautful articles and post them on their blogs.

Integration with Facebook, Youtube, Giphy and News sources.

Integration with Facebook for immediate social sharing, Giphy for sourcing Gifs, Youtube for integrating videos and with News sources to insert snippets of news sources within the blogs.

Support for Instant Articles and Google Amp

Fan Stories comes out of the box support for Facebook's instant articles and google amp.

Live Streaming support

Fan Stories supports live streaming for influencers and content creators who would like to livestream right into their blog. An Android app, now available on the play store provides the features to livestream.

Earn revenue through Subscription platform

Fan Stories supports revenue generation of premium content through out of box support for subscriptions. Content creators can enable between $1-10 subscriptions on their properties instantly. They can choose to publish free, or paid content. Users can subscribe to premium content and get billed on a monthly basis.

Video ad serving for Premium creators

Fan Stories provides video ad serving features for premium publishers allowing them to serve video ads within their content.

Facebook Messenger bot to distribute, amplify the reach of the content and increase traffic to your page.

Fan Stories provides an instant Facebook messenger bot to help increase traffic to your blog / page. Users can subscribe to content or use a conversational bot to discover content. All content links are redirected to your blog.

Video upload / encoding

Fan Stories provides a video uploading / encoding capability for enabling content creators to upload, encode and publish videos directly from Fan Stories.

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