Fan Stories was built to solve monetization for content creators.

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Fan Stories Platform provides the following features

Build a simple web presence using your custom domain and activate monetization in just a few minutes

Fan Stories allows you to setup a Web presence (blog, publication, video site), with different themes suited for each different types of use case.

These themes can then be enabled monetization either with ads, or with subscriptions instantly allowing creators to monetize.

Increased traffic through your site through of content via optimized Social media and Search engine friendly web presence.

Fan Stories publishesh content on a website that is optimized for AMP and Instant articles

Both AMP and Instant Articles increase the reach of your content because both these technologies help the pages / articles to load really fast and are favored by Google's and Facebook's algorithms respectively. AMP helps pages load quickly on the Open web and Facebook's instant articles load content really fast within Facebook. Both these formats help in improved reach across your audiences with favoured discovery both within Newsfeed and within Google search results.

Messenger Bot for content distribution

Fan Stories provides an interactive Messenger bot

Fan Stories provides an interactive messenger bot that helps your Facebook page interact with its users. The bot responds with content from your blog. For those users who subscribe for alerts get notified whenever new content is available.

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